About – What is the PFA?

The Willow Parent Faculty Association

Our Mission:

• Further the education and welfare of the children.
• Enhance communication between home and school.
• Assist the faculty in student activities.
• Organize and run fundraisers, providing materials, equipment, goods and services that are utilized by the staff and children at Willow Elementary School.

The Willow PFA is noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan. The PFA may cooperate with other organizations but no commitments that bind the PFA are made unless approved by the majority of the Willow PFA Board of Directors. The Board of Directors are the elected officers and appointed chairpersons of various PFA committees. All parents, guardians, and staff members are automatically general members of Willow’s Parent Faculty Association. General Meetings are held once per grading period (3 times per year) and all parents are welcome and invited to attend.  Each FAMILY is entitled to one vote for elections of PFA officers, amendments to the by-laws, and other such electoral procedures. The PFA does not seek to direct administrative activities of the school nor to control its policies.  The generous families and community that supports Willow are what enable us to maintain a variety of high caliber programs.  These programs categorically impact and enrich the educational experience of every Willow child.

Download the Willow PFA bylaws here.

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