Readathon 2017

The Readathon results are in!

We had 241 students participate this year, reading over 2350 books over 87,924 minutes of reading – that’s over 61 days of constant reading in only 14 days! 

The Willow community raised $13,500 in sponsor money!


Top Readers:

J – Thomas Walker, Mrs. Fogelson – 380 minutes

K – Rhea Biswas, Mrs. Fenton – 575 minutes

1 – Caitlyn Hipp, Mrs. Hart & Mrs. Astrachan – 605 minutes

2 – Grady Holland, Mrs. Granda – 1,540 minutes

3 – Brady Sirkus, Mrs. Shapiro – 1,850 minutes

4 – Diana Barone, Mrs. Doucedame – 3,538 minutes (the most in the school!)

5 – Yaana Kaushal, Mr. Borg – 2,255 minutes


$500 Cash for the Classroom Reward:

2 classes reached the goal and will split the reward!

  • Mrs. Fogelson’s Journey’s class – raising $976 and reading 3,097 minutes with 100% participation
  • Mrs. Skidmore’s 3rd grade class – raising $585 and reading 8,706 minutes with 100% participation

Pizza Party Rewards:

  • Mrs. Skidmore’s 3rd grade class read the most minutes as a class – 8,706 minutes
  • Mrs. Correia’s 3rd grade class raised the most sponsor money as a class – $1,046

Our Thanks

To everyone on the Readathon committee, officially and unofficially.

To the authors who visited our students to share their books and their knowledge.

To all of the teachers and staff who supported our efforts.

To all of the sponsors who supported our students.

To all of the participating students for their hard work and diligent reading.

And thanks to our wonderful Readathon sponsor, Smiling Sea Pediatric Dentistry.